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Pohela Boishakh is the first day of Bengali year when a new year begins. Pohela Boishakh is one of the biggest festivals in Bangladesh. Every year the people of Bangladesh celebrate this day with more and more pleasure as it is a culture of Bangladesh. The whole country forms into a festive mood. It occurs in 14th April in every year. Like every year the people of Bangladesh has celebrated the Pohela Boishakh 1420 in 14th April, 2013.

The first program of the day was started by Chayanot at Ramna under the banyan tree (Ramna Botmul) in Dhaka. In the early morning the program was started with various songs especially the song of Rabindranath Tagore – “Esho he Boishakh, esho esho….”, poems, and dance at 6.15 am. There were the students of Chayanot. Actually they sang the songs. Totally 110 singers participated in which there were 42 child singers. Sanjida Khatun was was the President of this program. Thousands of people attend there.

Mongol Shovajatra (Procession for welfare):
One of the main attractions of the Pohela Boishakh’s celebration is the Mongol Shovajatra (a procession for welfare) that holds in the area of University of Dhaka. Like every year the students of Fine Arts of University of Dhaka has made many items for the purpose of the Pohela Boishakh. Mongol Shovajatra was started at 11.00 am. In this Procession thousands of people of all ages, religions and classes participated with colorful dressing, flute, dram and so on. There were a dove and a large snake on this procession. The dove represented peace and the demonized snake represented the communal forces that trouble the nation. In every year there is a theme in this procession. In this year there was a theme that was “Rajakar Free Bangladesh, Endless Struggle for Freedom”. The procession was started from the Institute of Fine Arts, and then it went to Shahbag, Motso Bhaban, Doel Chattar, TSC and ended in the Institute of Fine Arts.

To eat Panta-Elish has become the tradition and culture of Pohela Boishakh. People took Panta-Elish with chili and different kinds of Vorta (something boiled).

From this day the business people started their new account. To get money from their debtor, they invite them and entertain with different kinds of foods.

Alpona in Manikmia Avenue:

Something difference has been done in this year that is painting on the road. It is called “Alpona”. To welcome 1420, the people of Dhaka painted on the road at Manikmia Avenue with the help of “airtel of Bangladesh”. They made one of the biggest alpona where there were 270 artists, 4000 liters of paint and thousands of friends. Thus they made one great 30000 square feet alpona. The people did this before the night of Pohela Boisakh.

The Pohela Boishakh was celebrated through all over the countries. You may come here to enjoy cultural tourism.
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