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Boat race is one of the oldest culture and most common festival in Bangladesh. By the name we can easily understand

that these races are arranged in the river. These races can be showed especially in the summer and rainy season in every year to all over the countries of Bangladesh. Hundreds of people with hundreds of boats take participation in these races. The boats that are used in these races are 150 to 200 ft long. These boats are straight in front side and back side. Those boats are well decorated and well designed with various colors and papers. Every boat is given a unique name of its own. The people of all of ages, classes and religions attend in these races as spectators on the both sides of the bank of the river. When the boats men start their boats, they sing various songs and the race become so much amazing. At that time the total area is formed into a festival environment. Which boat is reached on the destination first, they are first runners up and then second and third runners up. Special awards are for first, second and third. There are some common awards for all the participators. There are one chief guest and some general guests who give awards to the participators of the races. Journalists from most of the TV channels and newspapers attend in these races to collect news and views. Thus a boat race may be ended.

People from all over the country come to enjoy these races. You also can enjoy this race.

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