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Ahsan Manzil is one of the most significant architectural Monuments of Bangladesh. It is situated at Kumratoli on the bank of Buriganga River in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was the palace of Nawab family. Now it is used as museum.

In the mid of 18th century, Sheikh Enayet Ullah who was the landlord of Jamalpur Porgona, built a beautiful palace and named it as Rang Mahal. After that his son, Sheikh Moti Ullah, sold the Rang Mahal to the French business people. That’s why it was familiar as business house for a long time. After that Khwaja Alimullah purchased the business house in 1835 and started to live here. Nawab Abdul Ghani, the son of Khwaja Alimullah rebuilt the palace and it took thirteen years to complete. The construction task started in 1859 and completed in 1872.  After the completion he named it as Ahsan Manzil after his son Khwaja Ahsan Ullah. In the eastern side of the Ahsan Manzil, Khwaja Ahsan Ullah built a new building with a different design. Since then the new one was called as “Ondor Mahal” and the old one was called “Rong Mahal”.

Now Ahsan Manzil is used as museum and one of the most attractive tourist spot in Dhaka, Bangladesh. If you enter into the area of this palace through the gate, you can see beautiful garden with various flowers beside the road. You may be more attracted by seeing these various flowers with various colors. There is a big green field in front of the Manzil. There is also a big stairs coming from the Manzil to the field. The Ahsan Manzil is divided into two parts – the eastern side called as “Rong Mahal” and the western side called as “Ondor Mahal”. You can see 23 galleries in Ahsan Manzil.

In gallery one, you can know the history of Ahsan Manzil and about the two parts of Ahsan Manzil.

In gallery two, you will get historical information.

In gallery three, you can see a dining room where there are mirrors, almirah and various things made by glass.

In gallery four, you can see drums, swords, armed and figures those were used by Nawabs. The dome that can be seen from the outside of the Manzil is in this gallery. The palace with this dome was only one highest building on that period in Dhaka.

Thus you can know and enjoy all of galleries if you visit this palace. If you complete visiting all around of this palace going there, you will want to visit again. As beautiful as this palace is!

However you can come in Dhaka and visit “Ahsan Manzil” in your leisure time. Hope you will enjoy the moment as long as you visit this beautiful palace.               
 – S. Saha.

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